Travel To Be


living the life of my dreams.

What I do?


A home-based regular employee working on Social Media Marketing and Web Development stuff.

An Entrepreneur - Munchkinspired | Mara Travel & Tours | JNS Co.

An online seller on Shopee.


I love to travel to places to get lost, be found, and be whole.

I am blessed to have traveled to a few beautiful places in the Philippines, and dreaming of being able to work and travel at the same time around the world.


I pretty much share anything - thoughts, knowledge, ideas, learning, skills, etc.

I've been sharing it through blogs, vlogs, and social media posts, helping people especially for small business owners like me that we may succeed 🙂

How can I help you?

I can help you boost your business by creating and managing your Facebook Page, Facebook / Instagram / Google Ads, and designing social media posts that are guaranteed to be updated with the trends of the modern digital marketing.

Let’s build your credibility by creating your very own website! You have to look it to own it! Be legit, credible, and sustainable in the eyes of your potential market by going the extra mile.

Want to start your online business but don’t know how? Be my reseller / referral and start earning money the easiest way possible! 

Don’t worry, I’ll be guiding you all through the way from scratch until you savor the taste of your success!


Consultations are free!

It is free! I only get to charge you only if you will be availing my products and services. 

But other than that, we can talk and I am happy to help you with anything that I can 🙂