Concert For A Cause | A fund raising program for Santa’s Road Trip

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Fa la la la la, la la la la!

It seems as if we just started a new year and jotted down our new year’s resolutions in some fancy stationery paper or a newly bought notebook (to hype yourself up and keep yourself motivated, ‘coz this is what I do! giggles). And here we are on the “Ber” months nearing the end of the year. I bet everyone is excited about the town getting filled with Christmas lights and hearing Christmas jingles everywhere. I am already 25 years old, but I must admit, the way I am excited about Christmas is still the same way I was excited about it 20 years ago (except the fact that I do have to spend my own money to buy gifts for my family and friends and all those Christmas Party contributions at work, kidding aside).


‘Tis the season of giving!

You see, I still get those twinkling eyes whenever I walk past the streets. I am still in awe about how beautiful the streetlights are painted in different colors, and would still care to stop and grab my phone to take a picture of the scenery.

(I took the photo above at BGC. We were on our way to Mercato Centrale to eat and then I just had to stop and stare the view for a little while.)

The childishness within never fades. I still enjoy singing along with the Christmas jingles while walking at a mall; and gushes whenever I see a Christmas countdown, hoping that this season will not end too soon. And the reason why I love Christmas, you’d ask? It is because of the famous line:

‘Tis the season of giving

Are you not amazed by how almost everyone’s devoted to buy gifts for the people they care about? ‘Coz I definitely am amazed by it. But at the same time, I see children in the streets; selling Sampaguita, begging for money, asking for food, or worst – they’ve got no place to go. I feel like I can’t really be of help to them. Even if we try to buy from them occasionally, or give them a little amount of money left in our pockets; when we meet them again, it’s as if the scene is a replay. It saddens me more knowing that the season of Christmas is here… I wonder, how their Christmas is going to be?


The borne identity of “Santa’s Road Trip”

And so a friend of mine whom I used to send donations to (to support her events) – which mainly revolves around outreach programs – started this idea of “Santa’s Roadtrip”, where a group of volunteers turned their road trip to Zambales into an outreach program by sharing food and supplies to the people they would come across along the way (“and this was the most challenging part – choosing the people who are really in need” she said). This event was launched December of 2017 (just last year) and due to the overwhelming participation from different people; guess what, it was a success and she (her name is Izza by the way) is planning to host this kind of event every year.


 Quotable Quotes

Well for me, unfortunately, I was not able to join the event due to some conflict with my work schedule. And that event really touched my heart. God’s ways can’t really be measured. And this boosted my faith in humanity, believing that we can really make this world a better place if we choose to make a difference. We can only do so much, but imagine how great the impact would be when we do things all together. It’s hard to earn and save a million peso on your bank account; but if each individual can contribute a single penny, imagine how doable it is for us to reach even more than a million peso (well I am just exaggerating this part). What I am trying to say is that

We can do great things in small ways!

You might have heard about this famous quote by Napoleon Hill:

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”

And I think by putting each individual’s effort in doing small things altogether, that is certainly beyond greatness.


 The dilemma

While Izza and I were having a conversation, talking about how the road trip was, these were the exact words from her post on Facebook:

“Hi guys, first of all, thanks to everyone na sumuporta for the event..this won’t be a success without all you guys as our backbone..kudos din sa 6 na hunks na nakasama q sa tour, best sniper,driver,cook,host,camera man,entertainer, and buddies..spending almost all day sa road and kht antok na dilat pa din mata to search for the one..😊 ung mamemorize mu na lahat ng town dhl wala tau pinalagpas sa paghahanap ng mga nangangailangan..🙏🏻 it was indeed surreal to absorb all emotions from our beneficiaries, ung surprise, speechless, ung naiiyak sa tuwa, ung takot turned into happiness, ung strong tpos biglang nanlambot dhil sa compassion na naishare nten, and ung di alam kng paano mgpasalamat sau pero ramdam mu sa facial expression at sa mata na sobrang saya nla.we know din the risk na possible nten makasalubong sa daan in doing this mission, but thanks to Papa G for keeping us safe all throughout, good weather, safe travel, meeting the right people to accomodate our stay, and the guidance sa pagpili ng mga isnt the toughest job in this tour, but selecting those who are really in need in a pool of people..i can say we really did a good job on that we bless others we too are super blessed from all aids we had along the way, shoutout sa free snow balls, free lunch, free van, free ice cream, and volunteers who responded sa call kht di ksama sa tour, we have you guys in the process..💖💖💖

Sobrang dami po ninyo but you all know who you are..from the team to all of you, Merry Christmas and Santas Mission is Accomplished! 🍷

Thanks! 😍😍😍😍”

But then she mentioned that the supplies were not really enough for everyone (as much as they would love to give to more people along the way). Just so you know, all of the supplies that they have given were purely from donations from different people – money and in kind. So we tried to brainstorm ideas where we can raise more funds. I did offer to resell passport holders, and the net proceeds were donated for the upcoming events. Izza had a contact from Zamboanga who can supply “Malongs” and we had it posted on Facebook for sale. She has organized a lot of Tour Events which was more of like a “Travel for a cause” since the proceeds were also donated. So after posting everything on Facebook letting them know we are selling some stuff to raise funds, all that’s left for us to do is to wait until someone will be interested to buy it. After all of these ideas and efforts, we still felt the need to raise more funds.


 The borne identity of “Concert For A Cause”

Travel for a cause”. If someone loves what they are doing and are actually benefiting from what they have paid for, definitely they will not mind paying for it and might love to do it over and over again. This might be the reason why Izza’s tour events are still out there in the market. And so we thought: why not do a “Concert for a cause”? I can sing, but I don’t have a band. I am willing to sing for free but how can we go from here? Amidst my negativities, Izza responded positively about it. And while I was actually worrying if this idea was going to work, she was already in the process of planning the event. So instead of being unproductive, I tried to contact some of my friends and was able to form a band by February of this year. We started rehearsing and the tentative date was supposedly May of this year; but things happened and we had to postpone it to July, to August, and we almost gave up. We had some difficulty in looking for a venue where they could give us a very good deal. We had a lot of things to consider: the venue’s rate, the band’s rate, unforeseeable expenses, ticket pricing, the pressure to reach the quota for the number of guests, and the list goes on and on.


 This is really, is it!

With a little push and everything else in between… Finally, the “Concert for a cause” is going to happen! (hashtag for real) And just to be honest, we are not really sure how this event will turn out. Instead, we are just going to do all our best and will continue to pray to God that this event will be a success.


Without further ado, we are inviting you to join us this coming November 18, 2018. That is going to be a Sunday and the event will start at 2:00 in the afternoon ‘til 5:00 in the afternoon. This will be held at Café Avenue (in front of SM Southmall) and we will be featuring The Crossover Band PH. Yes, this is where we are trying to get to; we are selling tickets for the “Concert For A Cause: A fundraising program for Santa’s Road Trip” and we are so excited to see you there! Ticket price is P500, inclusive of food, P100 discount on your next flight bookings with Mara Travel & Tours, and a personalized key holder! This event is sponsored by Mara Travel & Tours and Dawn’s Galleria. This is gonna be filled with good music and good food! Our goal is to reach 100 guests at this event. So if you can’t be there; one like, comment, or share, would definitely mean so much to us to help us sell more tickets! And we can’t thank you enough, sincerely from the bottom of our hearts, even just for reading through this post.



Net proceeds will be used for Miss Izza’s upcoming event: Santa’s Road Trip. We are hoping to get more funds so that we can be a blessing to more people! Feel free to get in touch with us (Izza and me) if you’re interested to buy, donate, sponsor, and volunteer 🙂 I will keep you posted for any updates regarding this event.


All the best,


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